Vårdens organisation och ledning | Health Care Organisation and Management

Health Care Organization and Management

Virtually all health care in Sweden is financed by public funds, but can be executed by public or private caregivers. Public health care has a political steering but there are many different health care models in regard to organization as well as management and execution.

Many new challenges put strain on the healthcare system, for example an ageing population and shortage of certain healthcare professionals, requiring new initiatives and solutions in organization and management.

There is also a need for increased patient focus and participation in health care. Not the least, because a new patient law is coming up to strengthen and clarify the patient’s position as well as to promote patient integrity, self-determination and participation in health care.

Patients also have new demands on availability and access in regard to their needs.

In this wellness model, research in healthcare organization and management primarily focuses on processes to increase patients’ access to health care, availability, and improvement of care.