Vårdens rum | Health Care Architecture

Room for Wellness

The area of physical environments for healthcare. The focus is on buildings and environments as support for, and part of, the encounter between healthcare, patients and the physical environment.

The hospital ward

Swedish healthcare system is currently undergoing rapid and dramatic changes. Advanced technological and specialized medical interventions are concentrated to a limited number of large size university hospitals. Community healthcare matters are increasingly dealt with in smaller local hospitals and healthcare centers often on an out-patient basis. Integrating and developing the relationship between nursing research and architectural research to fill the gap between care processes and the physical care environment is a priority. The research can offer a meeting place for the complex and cross-border issues that the modern healthcare system is facing.

Private homes

Most old persons live in ordinary housing, many with assistance from home-care. The demographic situation around the world stresses the need for innovative thinking and research in housing for individuals both in assisted living services and in ordinary housing areas. Preconditions for layouts are influenced by the fact that private homes become workplaces for staff in care and healthcare.